Eyebrow restoration is a simple surgical outpatient procedure done under a local anesthetic in our clinics. It takes approximately three to four hour-long to complete. Initially, our doctors with a surgical marker draws an outline of your eyebrows maintaining normal anatomical position and symmetry previously discussed in your preoperative consultation. If patients desire to have the outline of the eyebrow designed with a make-up artist that is typically done the day prior to the procedure.

After outlining your eyebrows, you will be given a mirror and the opportunity to view the design and provide feedback before proceeding further with the surgical procedure. After receiving a local anesthetic to numb the areas of your face, we begin the surgical procedure by removing hair follicles from your donor site.

Single hair grafts work well in the delicate brow area, so the precision of placement is critical. Our staff takes pride in meticulously placing each and every graft in the correct direction and angle of the hair. Attention is paid to the creation of a lovely rise of the arch or the enhancement of the existing arch. Depending upon your individual genetics and healing, your eyebrow hair desired density may require more than one procedure. Generally, 350-500 grafts may be placed in each brow.


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