What makes Medica Hair Restoration Clinic different from other clinics?

Of all hair transplant methods, the most advanced is the one practiced by Medica Hair Restoration Clinic. Because of the dimensions of the needle, the experience of the employees, and the precision of the procedure, neither the donor area nor the recipient area are damaged, which allows us to achieve natural results.

Can anyone be treated with the FUE method?

Yes, in theory anyone can be treated. You can meet with one of our doctors for a free, non-binding e-consultation to discuss what this technique can mean for you. In certain situations we do not recommend hair transplantation for some low number of the candidate if procedure not beneficial for them.

Is the FUE method also suitable for treating eyebrows, beards, and moustaches?

Yes, the FUE method is also suitable for treating eyebrows, beards, and moustaches. Many treatments are performed in these areas very commonly.

I've had a previous hair transplant; can you still treat me?

This should not generally pose a problem, although if the donor area is severely damaged we may be limited in the number of grafts we can obtain per treatment during a free consultation one of our doctors can evaluate your situation.

How many treatments do I need?

Of course, this depends on the size of the area to be treated. We will give you an exact indication during a free, non-binding consultation. We can say from experience that one treatment is generally sufficient for treating minor male pattern baldness, retreating hairline or small bald patch.

What does the treatment process entail?

A single treatment will, on average, take around 4 to 7 hours. In the morning, you will be lying face down as the grafts are removed. Lunch will be provided. After lunch, we make the holes in the receptor area and then implant the grafts. In the afternoon, you will be sitting upright. Throughout the treatment you will be able to watch films and take breaks.

How many grafts/hairs can be transplanted per cm²?

On a given treatment day, 30-35 grafts per cm² can be placed (in a completely bald area). In a subsequent session, this density can be increased, up to a maximum of approximately 50 grafts per cm².

Will there be any scarring after the treatment?

Because we use needles no larger than 0.6 millimetres in diameter, there will be no visible scars and you will be able to style your hair in any way you like.

How many of the grafts/hairs will take?

In theory, all transplanted hairs will ‘take’. In practice, the grafts are the most vulnerable in the first few days after treatment, and you may lose a few. You can minimize this number by following our instructions.

Are the transplanted hairs (grafts) permanent?

The transplanted hairs come from a donor area that is not susceptible to hormone-related hair loss. These qualities are also maintained at the new site, which means the hair will not fall out. The only exception to this is a hair condition like alopecia areata. Should someone require chemotherapy, this will have a negative impact on all of the hair on the head. Fortunately, we know from experience that the hair recovers and regrows – including the transplanted hair.

Will it fall out over time?

The remaining hair in a transplanted area are subject to the ongoing process of hormone-dependent hair loss. As a result, you may notice thinning in the transplant area. This is not caused by the hair falling out.

When will I be able to wash/blow-dry/colour/perm my hair again?

You can shampoo and blow-dry your hair four days after the procedure, and colour and perm your hair again a month after treatment. You can also colour your hair up to one day before the treatment.

Can I go back to work/do sports immediately after treatment?

Although you can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment, we recommend that you avoid heavy physical exertion in the first two weeks after treatment.

Can I drive immediately after treatment?

Yes. In the course of the treatment you will not be administered any medication that would impair your ability to drive. After a treatment day, you will be able to drive yourself home


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