In the morning following your hair transplant you can take off the bandage and wash the back of your head. Steps:

  1. Run some warm water from the tap
  2. Let the warm water soak into your donor area bandage. Be careful NOT to knock or touch your recipient area
  3. The warm water will loosen your donor area bandage
  4. This will allow you to take off the bandage easily and dispose of it in your general waste bin
  5. Once your donor area is wet you can shampoo the donor area as normal
  6. Wash the shampoo foam off with warm water
  7. Pat dry your donor area

On the 5th day following your hair transplant, you will be able to wash your recipient area. Steps:

  1. Run some warm water from the tap or shower head
  2. Let the warm water soak into your donor areas and sides of your head. Be careful NOT to directly spray, knock or touch your recipient area
  3. Once your donor area is wet you can shampoo the donor area as normal
  4. Gently, move the foam from your donor areas, using the tips of your fingers to your newly implanted hairs
  5. Let the foam soak into your newly implanted hairs for 5-10 minutes
  6. Once 5-10 minutes have passed, start to wash the foam off from your donor area
  7. Tilt your head so the water landing on your donor area begins to run down across your recipient area and the implanted hairs
  8. Allow the water to run across the implanted hairs and wash away the foam you have moved there from your donor area
  9. Pat dry your donor area
  10. Air dry your recipient area

You may find you are still left with some flecks of skin and scabs following your first wash. This is normal- don’t worry. You can wash your hair twice a day using the steps above. In 3-4 days most signs of surgery, including flecks of skin and scabs should be gone.


Itching is a very common feeling after the hair transplant. It may occur all over the scalp 7-14 days after the operation. The itchiness in most cases indicate that the tissue is recovering. In cases when it becomes very strong, antihistamine pill can be used.


It is important to touch the recipient areas as little as possible during the first week after the operation. We ask that patients sleep on their back, with the head elevated on a few pillows. By raising your head during the night, the pillows decrease any swelling that can occur after the hair transplant. Patients are also advised to use the special pillow that they get at the clinic for the first 7-10 days.


After any hair transplantation that is performed using Choi Implanter Pens the healing is rapid. Most patients feel fine within a day or two following surgery, although some numbness and mild soreness in the scalp can be expected for several days following surgery. There will be punctate red scabs at the bottom of the transplanted hair shafts on the recipient site and donor sites, which will be visible for about 7-10 days. Usually the patient gains his/her normal appearance within 10-15 days post-op. Only slight redness might be visible after this period. Patients who have very light complexion might experience redness for prolonged periods after the treatment, whereas those who have darker hair and skin, tend to recover faster. All in all, recovery after a hair transplant is a very individual process that also depends on the patient’s age, lifestyle, diet and even climate.


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