Hair transplantation is an extremely safe out-patient procedure that is normally without significant risks or complications. However, as is the case in any surgery, there are risks, and these are always presented and discussed in detail at your personal consultation with our qualified surgeon.

There are some minor, temporary complications: Although rare, after the surgery some pre-existing hair can thin. The pre-existing hair will return to normal, full condition within a few months of the surgery.

Some bleeding is normal and will stop with simple pressure. Persistent bleeding occurs in about one in a few hundred cases. Additional stitching is rarely required. Pain is usually rare and fairly minimal. Most of our patients do not require any pain relievers. Some transient numbness is inevitable, usually in the donor area, and generally lasts from 3 to 4 weeks. It is rarely troublesome or long-lasting. Some itching commonly occurs but is rarely troublesome and lasts only a few days. Shampooing the hair daily will help the discomfort. Infection happens in one in several thousand cases and is easily treated with antibiotics.


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