Hair restoration is an art and a science that requires an experienced and dedicated surgeon and team to achieve consistently superior outcomes.  Local anesthesia is used for a hair transplant and, in some cases, a slight sedation. The sedation that is used is very shallow and is simply applied so that the patient is calmer and more relaxed. In addition, the patient has a lower perception of the passage of time since the hair transplant is a long surgery and also minimizes the slight discomfort when applying local anesthesia. It is made to ensure that the patient does not have pain and remains calm and relaxed. Especially without noticing unpleasant sensations during the intervention. At the intraoperative level local anesthetic used to control discomfort or pain during surgery. Tumescent infiltration to “make a mattress” on the scalp that allows the follicular units to implant more easily.

Anti-inflammatory to reduce as much as possible already intra-operatively the inflammation that is generated. Vasoconstrictors that reduce the slight bleeding that occurs. Application of local cold in the donor area to reduce inflammation and pain. A slight sedation allows the patient to be relaxed considering that it is an intervention that lasts several hours. It does not have any kind of side effect. It is simply about controlling the pain, but it does not affect the hair at all. In principle, only those that present a history of allergy or hypersensitivity to anesthetics are at risk. In any case, through the patient’s clinical history we always make sure to obtain the maximum information and in case of doubt, we consult with the team of anesthetists. After 3 or 4 days the patient usually only describes a slight loss of sensation in the scalp and itching, as the small incisions heal. Currently, in the control that we carry out 15 days after transplantation. As of today, the concern of feel pain during, and after the intervention, will disappear. 


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